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Washington Forrest Foundation Donates $30,000 to VOAC Homeless and Veterans Programs


The Washington Forrest Foundation has donated $20,000 to our Residential Program Center (RPC) and $5,000 to our Supportive Services for Veterans Families Program (SSVFP) in Arlington, VA.

This support is crucial because RPC addresses a dual need in Arlington—homelessness and substance abuse addictions. Unfortunately, the two issues are often intertwined. Our RPC program provides non-medical detoxification, substance abuse recovery, and homeless services for single adults—all under one roof.


We Did It: A #5WeeksofGiving Wrap-up

What an amazing 5 weeks!

We’ve shared the stories of people who have developed a relationship with God while receiving our services. We’ve explained how we go beyond simply having faith to practicing our faith through our services, and our employees have detailed what quality care looks like.

Read all our stories from the past 5 weeks. (more…)

Why This Couple Gives


It’s the holiday season and after a busy, noisy, joyous celebration with four generations together, the house is quiet.  In this holiday season we find ourselves filled with such a sense of gratitude and truly overwhelmed by so many blessings in our lives.  Yet we are keenly aware that so many others in our community are hurting today after a Christmas Day that may well have been filled with pain, grief, loss, hunger, and lacking even a safe place to call home.  (more…)

How Companies & Nonprofits Can Create Change

The Herndon, Virginia, branch of Fannie Mae has partnered with nearly a dozen Volunteers of America Chesapeake programs and offered upwards of $500,000 in grants, in-kind donations, and volunteer support over the past four years.

Donning their signature “SERVE” T-shirts, members of the housing finance giant get dirty to help beautify our premises or fill care packages for our vulnerable clients. (more…)

VIDEO: A Parent’s Trust

Ed O’brien, a major Volunteers of America Chesapeake supporter shares why he trusts us with his financial contributions and his daughter, who lives in one of our intellectual disabilities facilities. (more…)

God’s Trust

The Volunteers of America Chesapeake family is entrusted every day to answer the voices crying out in the wilderness.  I Trust in my ability to care about the individual that is alone and unable to fend for themselves. (more…)

Inspiring Trust from the Homeless

“I can’t undo what life has done,” says Beth Hodge, Executive Director at the Loudoun Homeless Services Center. “What I can do is show you that I can be fair and consistent and a trusting person in your life.”