Helping Returning Citizens Transition

The following article is an entry from the senior program director of our Residential Re-Entry Center, Solomon Hejirika, Sr.

Screenshot (23)As part of a national organization, our Residential Re-Entry Center (RRC) helps returning citizens make successful transitions back into the community.

Here at RRC, we provide structured programming to residents by connecting them to employers and other resources through community partnerships.  We coordinate our efforts with other agencies and local organizations to maximize the impact of our services.

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My vision is to develop innovative evidence-based service models to serve disadvantage citizens back to the  community after years of  incarceration with skills/opportunities.

  • To establish unique partnerships within local communities and engage citizens to offer acceptance, services, and guidance to returning citizens. These efforts not only provide life-changing benefits for these individuals, but also have a direct impact on the health and vitality of the local community.
  • To partner with private organizations and public agencies to enhance employment and housing opportunities.  Most returning citizens do not have identification, birth certificates or Social Security cards to navigate employment searches or opportunities to secure other community services. To meet this challenge, RRC has developed a comprehensive system to coordinate offender transitional and re-entry services using community and governmental resources
  • More than 75% of residents who complete our program obtain and maintain employment after release because of structural programming and on-site employment specialist.

To sustain this achievement and continue to implement quality programs, we require external support to keep dedicated and committed staff and volunteers.

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–Solomon Hejirika, Sr., Senior Program Director, Residential Re-Entry Center


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