“We all go through hardships:” An Employee’s Story

My name is Lillie Flowers and I am the administrative assistant for the Residential Program Center (RPC) and we have three programs under one roof: homeless services, substance abuse recovery, and non-medial detoxification.

We all go through hardships in some way.  It may not be homelessness, but most of us have struggled and will struggle if we stay on this earth long enough. 

November 1, 2017 marked my 12th year working at RPC. I am from the south where all my jobs where factory jobs that required sewing.  When I moved to Virginia, the secretary at my church saw an ad in the paper for a clerical position at VOAC/RPC.  She told me to apply and I did.

This is a great place to work.  I see how some of the intakes come in needing help and how far they have come.  Even though I do not work directly with the guests and clients, I talk with some and it makes me happy when they tell me that they have found a job or been approved for their own place.  We all need help with something.

In my heart, I think in-kind donations (goods and services instead of money) are extremely important to RPC because not all homeless people that come to RPC have a job or a family that can support their needs. Most of them come with nothing but the clothes on their back.

I believe a homeless person deserves to have some of the same things we have when they come into our programs.  This includes simply being able to take a hot shower, eat, and lie down in a bed. We do not like being dirty, hungry, or without anything clean and decent to wear so why should they?  In order to give them that, we need much more support in attention to monetary donations.

We accept toiletries, clothing, and other personal items for our clients, and we welcome and are thankful for whatever support is given.

VOAC has more than 30 programs in the DMV area, and each program has different needs.

When you give and give from the heart, your blessings will be returned

Bless someone!

–Lillie Flowers, administrative assistant Residential Program Services (RPC), Volunteers of America Chesapeake 


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