Chaplain’s Message on FAITH

Rev Gray

Paul said to the Philippians, share the mind of Christ so that in being unified and serving one another our joy will be complete (Philippians 2:1-11).

As visionary spirits: Our goal is to create an image, a compelling picture of where we are headed; a vibrant Christ-centered picture of the future intended to unify and motivate us to achieve the goal.

Faith – serves as our foundation, God is our source.  We believe in, trust in, and are loyal to God.  (Jude 1:20-21)

We think positive thoughts, use encouraging language, and are resilient when confronting difficulties, as we do the work we have faith they will produce a good outcome.

Our thoughts are powerful.  We have faith in the power of our thoughts and words we share with others.  We align our faith with our daily actions, because we are rooted in our FAITH – we believe that the Holy Spirit within guides us to our highest and best.

We remain faith–filled, in all circumstances, trusting that we have all that is needed to exceed any challenge.  We, because of our Faith, are able to discern what is ours to do to achieve the highest good.

Because of our Faith, we see God and good in all individuals and situations.

Faith implies action to boldly step forward, move on or stand strong, regardless of the challenge.

Our Faith provides us with divine power, discernment, and clarity needed to resolve challenges.

If our Faith weakens, we turn within in prayer, meditation, and remain centered in the Power that is always with us, God.  Keeping in touch with our inner Faith, which provides a gentle nudge, “to be still and know,” we are guided each step of the way.

God is our source of wisdom, greater than any situation.  For we believe: “nothing is impossible with God!” who lights the way before us, as we stand in our Faith.

–Rev. Sandra Trice Gray, Chaplain, Volunteers of America Chesapeake 




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