VIDEO: ‘VOICE of Faith’ Explained

If you have visited our website this month, you’ve noticed our VOICE of Faith takeover!

As soon as you visit our homepage, you see a pop-up urging you to watch a video called VOICE of Faith. It signifies the launch of our new Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

We call our Core Values, VOICE of Faith.

VOICE of Faith


Watch the video below to see our staff members and volunteers explain why VOICE of Faith is at the core of Volunteers of America Chesapeake.


This video doesn’t exist


Every week in July, we’re breaking down our Core Values on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

This week we’re tackling why the “V” in VOICES of Faith (Visionary) is essential to Volunteers of America Chesapeake’s core.


Our Vision: As a Christian church without walls, Volunteers of America Chesapeake is committed to the transformation of the lives of our vulnerable neighbors.

 Read our new Mission Statement.


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