How to Become a VOAC Social Ambassador

social ambassador

To truly raise awareness of the Mid-Atlantic’s vulnerable communities and continue the culture of giving we started with our #5WeeksofGiving campaign, we need you!

We need your help to bring attention to:

the impact of homelessness in Northern Virginia,

the struggle of low-income veterans to support their families,

the need for parents of children with developmental disabilities to find facilities they can trust,

and the resources available for people in need of affordable housing, mental health facilities, substance abuse support, and community corrections.

You can do more than donate to Volunteers of America Chesapeake, you can inspire your friends and family to donate, as well, by becoming a VOAC social ambassador.

All you need is a Facebook page, a connection to Volunteers of America Chesapeake or one of our causes, and a desire to help vulnerable people.

What You Do

As an ambassador, you create a fundraising page on Facebook that encourages people to donate to Volunteers of America Chesapeake. You determine the cause and fundraising goal and all the proceeds directly benefit the program area tied to your cause.

It is helpful to think of a creative way to fundraise–such as not shaving for a week or writing letters to veterans–but many Facebook fundraisers succeed solely because of the ambassador’s passion.

Here’s how easy it is to set up the fundraising page:

Fundraiser Screenshot

The Process

  1. Email us at, and tell us the cause you want to support. The causes are
    1. homelessness
    2. veterans
    3. individuals with developmental disabilities
    4. affordable housing
    5. mental health
    6. substance abuse
    7. community corrections (support for ex-offenders).
  2. If you’re a great fit, we’ll send you an info packet to get started
  3. You set up your Facebook fundraising page
  4. You advocate for VOAC and tell your friends!

What You Get

VOAC social ambassadors will receive special gifts and invites to VOAC program tours, events, and announcements.

They also gain access to the private VOAC social ambassador Facebook group, where fellow ambassadors share fundraising ideas, tips, and opportunities. Frequently, we will thank you and share your information on our official VOAC Facebook and Twitter pages.

Of course, you will also gain a sense of pride knowing that your efforts directly impact people who need it in the Mid-Atlantic!

Who’s a Good Fit

Anyone with a positive social media presence and a passion for helping vulnerable people in the Mid-Atlantic would be a great ambassador.

This opportunity is ideal for a VOAC client, former client, loved one of a client, donor, volunteer, or supporter. If you have a personal connection to Volunteers of America Chesapeake or a passion for one of our service areas—we would love to have you as an ambassador.

To learn more, email

Thank you for your interest!

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