Joyful Christmas; #5WeeksofGiving Update


First and foremost…Merry Christmas!

Hopefully, you are enjoying this wonderful time of year and spending it with the people you love.

Our mission is to make sure the communities we serve feel valued over the holidays and the new year, as well. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible by supporting the #5WeeksofGiving campaign, so far.

Today marks the last week of the fundraiser, and we still haven’t reached our goal to raise $130,000 for vulnerable men, women, and children in our regionWe are so close, but we are still $30,000 away.

If you haven’t donated, yet, we hope that you will feel compelled to give. Those who have donated, we urge you to share your participation by using the hashtag #5weeksofgiving and encouraging your family and friends to support, as well.

For the final week of the campaign, we’re focusing on how important your trust is to us, as well as how hard we work to ensure the men, women, and families we serve have trust in us. You can have faith that your donation will directly benefit the people who need it most.

Eighty-five cents out of every dollar we receive goes directly to the vulnerable communities right here in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Here’s a preview of what to expect on our social media pages this week:

Monday: VIDEO How passion drives the executive director of the Loudoun Homeless Services Center and how she builds trust among the people she serves.

Tuesday: VIDEO Take a tour and hear from the staff of our assisted living community for the developmentally disabled, Mary Marshall.

Wednesday: Volunteers of America Chesapeake’s spiritual lay leader provides the #WednesdayWord on faith and trust.

Thursday: VIDEO A major supporter shares why he trusts Volunteers of America Chesapeake with his stock and his daughter, who lives in one of our facilities.

Friday: We talk about our multi-year relationship with Fannie Mae that’s touched the lives of many vulnerable communities and sets the tone for future strategic partnerships.

Saturday: We provide a #5weeksofgiving campaign wrap-up.

Sunday: This is the last day to donate to #5weeksofgiving and get a write-off on 2016 taxes.



Help us make a difference in the lives of vulnerable men, women, and children in our region. DONATE here.


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