Idealizing Quality Does Not Always Mean Investing in Quality

I started with Volunteers of America Chesapeake in April 2016.  I am a servant at heart and have invested over 15 year in human services, program evaluation, research, and building clinical services programs throughout the U.S.

However, serving at Volunteers of America Chesapeake is one of the greatest opportunities I have been afforded because I get to do what I love with a church that values quality assurance. It is one thing to idealize quality, but it is another to invest in quality. Volunteers of America Chesapeake and its staff have invested time, human resources, and finances into ensuring that we produce quality services.

We have over 30 programs and for each program, we have a 3-year plan to train all staff members and introduce improved QA (Quality Assurance) measures, data tracking mechanisms, and evidence based practices. As the Director of Clinical Operations, I will oversee the implementations of these plans to ensure that Volunteers of America Chesapeake continues to lead the field in impacting the lives of those we serve with quality services.

Dr. Masica Jordan, Director of Clinical Operations




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