A Recruiting Specialist’s Quality Seal

Recruiting Specialist Keith Moore explains his definition of quality service. He helps Volunteers of America Chesapeake’s clients find employment opportunities.


“The word quality means ‘The standard of something as measured against other things of a kind; the degree of excellence of something.’  God represents the highest degree of excellence.

My job as a recruiting specialist at Volunteers of America Chesapeake allows me to share God’s word and help others sometimes in the lowest times in their lives –when they are unemployed. Working at a Church Without Walls gives me the opportunity and ability to encourage others and make a difference in someone’s life with employment.

My goal each day is to let God’s light shine when I am interacting with my co-workers and our programs.  It’s as easy as sharing a kind word with someone and making someone smile when I greet them.  I try to live my life like Christ and do my best in everything I do.

That is my quality.”



Help us support more vulnerable men, women, and families by clicking the image below.


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