VOAC Teams up with Foundation, Loudoun County Officials to Expand Transportation Services for the Homeless and Working Class

Private Foundation pledges $50,000 and staff to the Volunteers of America Chesapeake to transport homeless, help improve Loudoun transportation infrastructure


LEESBURG, VA. 10/3/2016—Volunteers of America Chesapeake (VOAC) and a local private foundation have announced a partnership to promote self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life for the homeless and working populations in Loudoun County that have struggled to maintain jobs without reliable transportation.

With assistance from Sterling Foundation Management, the local private foundation has awarded the VOAC operated–Loudon Homeless Services Center a $50,000 grant to expand the center’s transportation support for the homeless—allowing staff to shuttle homeless clients and/or identify current transportation routes for clients to commute to jobs, appointments, employment training, and educational programs. The local foundation’s owners wish to remain anonymous.

Additionally, leaders of the newly-minted initiative, called the Hope’s Chariot Transportation Program, will partner with various private and public transportation agencies in Loudoun County to strategize much needed transportation infrastructure upgrades county-wide.

Russell K. Snyder, President and CEO at Volunteers of America Chesapeake said:

“The goal of our homeless shelter is to help eradicate all barriers to securing and maintaining permanent housing, and this grant allows us to extend services to the entire Loudoun community.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to maintain a decent job and keep their medical appointments whether they own a car or not, and we are excited to work with government officials to make sure all Loudoun residents have the resources to provide for themselves and their families.”

Jim Lintott, Sterling Foundation Management’s Chairman, added,

“Our client understands how important transportation is in changing lives.  The Hope’s Chariot Transportation Program was designed to give hope and to assist Loudoun citizens working to achieve self- sustainment and fulfillment by providing them transportation to employment, health, and quality of life opportunities.

The Loudoun Homeless Center services more than 400 people each year, and from April 1 to July 1, it fulfilled 134 transportation requests due in large part to the Hope’s Chariot Transportation Program. The center also provided 14 gas cards and 46 bus passes.

In its first year, the Hope’s Chariot Transportation Program aims to:

  1. increase the employment of shelter residents by 5%
  2. increase permanent housing placements from 20% to 25%
  3. decrease the length of shelter stays by 5%



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