Loudoun Celebrates the end of Cold Weather Shelter!

Our Loudoun County Homeless Services Center (LCHSC) recently held the annual Cold Weather Finale lunch to celebrate the end of another successful winter shelter season.

WinterShelterFinale1The purpose of LCHSC’s Winter Shelter Program is to provide safe and warm lodging to unsheltered homeless individuals throughout the coldest months of the year. Now in it’s 10th season, LCHSC partners with more than 30 local churches and hundreds of volunteers to ensure that all those in need throughout the county have a place of refuge.

“We’re just thrilled to be able to do this work and to celebrate our successes with our partners,” said Linda Kimble, Volunteer Coordinator at LCHSC. This year the team celebrated moving 25 chronically homeless individuals into permanent housing between October 2014 and April 2015.

“That’s 25 lives saved,” said Program Director Elizabeth Jones. “25 individuals who would otherwise be sleeping in tents in the woods, on street corners and in parking lots. We’ve been able to reach out to them and break down those barriers that previously prevented them from finding and maintaining housing.”


Loudoun County Vice Mary Kelly Burk also attended the finale and remarked at how grateful she is for individuals like Linda, Beth and the team of volunteers who help make Winter Shelter possible. “I’m just overwhelmed with the dedication you all show to our community and those in desperate need.” said Ms. Burk.

You can help support the Loudoun County Homeless Services Center by donating or volunteering today!

Visit http://www.voachesapeake.org/Loudoun to learn more or sign up for a tour!

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