A New Year’s Motivation

A New Year’s Motivation

By:  Recruiting Specialist Ms. Kimberly Palmore-Ferguson

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The word motivation is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as the act of process of giving someone a reason for doing something. Look around you (No really, look around you!). Your motivation is, your victories. You woke up this morning..that’s a victory; you breathe the fragrance of life…that’s a victory! You just blinked… Ohhh that’s a huge victory! So, this is your time.. This is your moment …. This is your season! We sometimes look for motivation in places and people who we call family friends or just a passerby. But the motivator of our motivation is GOD! Think back to when God brought you out of something that you named impossible, unmovable, destructive and or just plain old painful. Now, fast forward to when He brought you out of that unfavorable season where the impossible became possible, the unmovable became the moveable and the destructive became your blessing. Take that act of sheer love, favor and grace from God and use it to motivate you in every season of your life. Each and every time you get into that space where nothing seems right, nothing makes sense and nothing seems to work REMEMBER who you propelled you to the next level. Now, don’t think for one second that the reason for that unfavorable season was just something that appeared out of thin air or you did something wrong. Know that God always has a reason for every season! (And.. STOP looking for the reason! Trust God and move on!)

As we reach the end of the year with high expectations for a prosperous 2015, I encourage you to ask the motivator to motivate your steps in your journey to the next season. Whether you experienced a rough and tough 2014 or a unique one with great feats and heights remember that every season has its purpose.

So here are some things that will aide you in your journey to 2015..

Staying Focused..

Kevin Levar, an accomplished songwriter and artist constructed a song that embodies the theme of staying focused. When you hear the title of the song, I assure you tou will be more motivated to listen and keep listening. Take a look at the lyrics below that I believe are an encouragement from the Lord for us all:

This is not the time to get distracted

This is not the time to go off course

This is not the time to lose your focus

Gotta a work to do for the Lord, and you cannot afford to lose your way. You’ve come too far from where you started

So please don’t let the time you’ve sown be wasted

On things that you’ll later regret

Wishing you never had

Once you realize it wasn’t worth it



Trash Can Effect!

me grown up!

We love to hold on to too many things. Sometimes it’s because we love to throw it back, relive the process or the situation or keep a remembrance of the pain or happiness. Tis the season to throw it in the trash and empty it! It’s a new year with new ideas, new blessings, new experiences, new people to meet and new pathways. Old things that do nothing but take space, bring up wasted feelings and or change our attitude will impact the movement of your next season. Stop dragging around dead weight… shed the pounds and step into new beginnings.

So, when you look into the newness of the New Year and hoping and praying for a better year than last, remember where you were last year and know that clearly you are stronger, wiser, and smarter than you were this time last year. 2015 is clearly the year of Change..


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