Merry Christmas!!

Christmas is Light


Lamps, Candles, Flames, and Light represent the manifest presence of God as the Light of the World.

Light is essential for life to exist. Without light plants, animals and man

would be left in a state of darkness. The spiritual aspect of man in his

fallen state exists in darkness. Jesus, the Light of the World, brings light

and life to the spiritual body of mankind.

“The birth of Jesus was – light shattering the darkness.”

Technology has advanced and the world population has exploded, but

the presence of sin and darkness still stands as a gap between man and

God. But like fireworks bursting overhead, punching bright holes in the

darkness of sin, the coming of Christ brought light to a somber, needy

world. It bridged the gap. It still does!


John 8 12

You see, the Christmas season is more than a story of a baby in a manger

– it’s a light event! Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” Each time

we see the twinkling lights of the season, we can be reminded that he is

the light of love, forgiveness, and illuminates our pathway to eternal

union with God. And we can be willing to help those around us see

things in a different light! Spread the light – When you walk in the light,

you become a beacon of God’s love and forgiveness to all those around

you. Jesus encouraged us in Matthew 5:16b to: “Let your light shine

before others” so they might see your new life and be open to

God’s life- changing light.”

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