Testimonial Tuesday: Veterans Services

Hey Bloggers, we’re 3 Weeks into the 5 Weeks of Giving. What do you think so far? Have you had the opportunity to learn more about our programs and services? Have you had the opportunity to pick your favorite service line and make a donation? If not THERE’S STILL TIME to make a difference! You can DONATE TODAY!

You can also check out today’s Testimonial from our Veterans Services Program!:

Volunteers of America Chesapeake operates Veteran’s Services programs in The District of Columbia as well as Northern Virginia.  We support Veterans and their families in regaining their independence. Our Programs facilitate access to community resources and services to help each resident address the issues that contributed to their homelessness. READ MORE

Click HERE to watch this week’s Testimonial Video!

Blogger Testimonial Question:  Do you know a Veteran you’d like to spotlight? Here’s your chance … tell us all about the Veterans in your life and we’ll be sending out VOA Chesapeake care packages to them! Be sure to include your email address!

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