Wednesday’s Word: Respect

Today’s Wednesday’s Word Reflection comes from Jim Sents.

Jim is our Vice President of Corrections, Supportive & Transitional Housing and Veterans Services. Jim is also a Commissioned Minister here at Chesapeake and has been serving our neighbors in need for more than 25 years.


Reflections on Core Values: RESPECT


As a person, father, friend, co-worker, supervisor and Commissioned Minister of Service, next to Trust/Honesty/Integrity, I think we all need to practice Respect in all directions. I believe we all need Respect as a core value, and it can also be a foundation of everything we say and do in each of our life roles. For me Respect can give profound meaning to all our interactions and actions—both in the messages and actions and in the methods of delivery. In our life roles, I think Respect of self and of all others affects our ability to effectively work and function together, and is a core ingredient to deep spirituality and meaning.

I believe our organization’s culture and its ability to carry out our mission mandates practicing Respect of self and all others, by all individuals. We all need to practice and own Respect. I believe as persons in this Ministry of Service and organization, our levels of caring, trust, faith and quality in our relationships, interactions and actions are reflected in our levels of Respect and true love for others and for what we do. We must remain cognizant of our levels and presence of respect, and presentation of respect. The ability to respect all others matches ones ability to appreciate others and others’ situations, and underscores our cultural, personal and spiritual diversity.

I believe we can be most effective in carrying out our mission, services and operations with clients, staff and the community at large by practicing and living Respect. Conversely, lack of Respect seems to and will diminish our effectiveness in our collective and various roles in our daily work lives and outside lives. I believe it is true you have to give respect to get and earn respect, and this is not able to be compromised. These are my reflections on Respect. Thank you.

~Jim Sents, Commissioned Minister since 2000

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