Seen on the Scene – Checking out DC’s Ward 5

Hey Bloggers!

Happy 2nd Day of Spring!

Yesterday our Development & Communications Team along with volunteers from our DC Core Services Program set out in the First Annual DC Friendly Walk. Our goal was to meet & greet our community neighbors and assess the current service offerings throughout Ward 5.



We split up and started walking, engaging any and everyone along the way. The feedback was extremely positive, most residents are pleased with their community and the improvements underway.


A suggested improvement we heard throughout Ward 5 was the need for more homeless services and affordable housing. We want to let Ward 5 know we heard them and here at Volunteers of America we are doing our best to serve homeless individuals throughout our area. 

If you are a Ward 5 Resident with suggestions on community improvement don’t hesitate to stop by our DC Core Program and find out ways you can help us build a stronger community! 

DC Core Services Agency
52 Quincy Place NW
Unit B
Washington, DC

DC Core

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