Wednesday’s Word: Quality

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Merry Christmas!

On behalf of the Volunteers of America Ministry of Service we pray you have a Safe and Happy Holiday! 

Reflections on our Core Values


As a commissioned minister it is important to serve with excellence when demonstrating the core value of quality. To me this means sharing spiritual truths based on the Bible minus defects or deficiencies. The motivation for quality service is to help others face their challenges by applying these truths to improve upon their lives.

Quality service also includes bearing witness to the biblical/spiritual truths as a result of having applied these truths to one’s own life and achieving victory over numerous trials and tribulations.  Such victories prove how reliable God’s truths are, and gives hope to those being served.

An important element of serving with quality as a commissioned minister is to help others have faith in God and trust Him as being supreme.

Quality service from a spiritual standpoint impacts the organization, the clients and the staff since VOA was founded on Christian principles.


                                                                        Rev. Deborah Stanton
Detoxification Counselor
Residential Program Center – Detoxification Unit
Commissioned Minister since August 2011


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