Monday’s Motivation

Good morning Bloggers! Today’s Monday Motivation comes from our Communications Coordinator Danielle Milner ( 


This is why I do what I do
By: Danielle K. Milner
Volunteers of America, Chesapeake


My favorite uncle loves to tell one story in particular about me. He says he watched a 4yr old Danielle sit at the table for dinner and watch how all the adults held both their knife and fork to cut and eat. So fascinated by this, he says, I tried to cut my (already pre-cut) dinner by watching him very closely. He says this amazed him because more than I wanted something cut, I wanted to know how to cut. 

I get to see that same curious desire in the children we serve at Volunteers of America Chesapeake and I must admit, it is pretty cool to watch. 

I do what I do so I can help feed that desire. I love to answer questions from the children at Eastern Avenue and Pratt House. I have a great time interviewing families at Loudoun and checking in on the children since last we met. That curious desire is why I love Operation Backpack and The Give Joy campaign. The children we serve are amazing little kids. They have questions and complex little personalities. Some of them want to be artists, some police officers, doctors, social workers and even writers … like me 🙂 

Working with and for them is by far the best part of my job, and that my friends is why I do what I do. 


You can help me answer the Call to Care for the nerarly 1,000 children Volunteers of America Chesapeake serves annually. Text CARE to 80077 to donate $10 today. 

(standard text message rates apply.)




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