Wednesday’s Word: Faith

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Reflections on Core Values: 


Faith – In Hebrews 11:1, “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”

 As a Commissioned Minister, faith is foundational to my life and is at the core of every aspect of the ministry of service that I render to the community.  It is having determined faith that God is with me and that he fully empowers me that allows me to truly serve others.

VOAC deems faith as the quintessential glue that holds our organization together and provides us with the necessary hope to pursue our highest and most noble aspirations.  Without faith, this organization would not succeed!  There is simply no higher value that can be modeled.

Our vulnerable clients rely upon the faith and determination of our management and staff members to help them get through the difficult challenges they face each day.   The staff members of our agency are encouraged to consistently and joyously live out their faith as they actively serve our clients.  It is this ongoing and selfless investment that gives them the vitally important spiritual support and encouragement.


                                                          Rev. Franklyn Baker

                                                            Chief of Staff, External Affairs Officer & Minister of Service

                                                            Volunteers of America Chesapeake Administrative Office

Commissioned Minister since 2011

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