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Monday’s Motivation

Good morning Bloggers!! Today’s Monday Motivation comes to us from Kristina Deignan our Director of Individual Giving




My memory of my Grandmother is an amazing story. Grandma Miles was a giver in all sense of the word. She dedicated her time to the less fortunate all the while having 5 children of her own. Grandma Miles worked with I.D. children and had the love, dedication and patience of a Saint. I am motivated by her willingness to give herself unconditionally to those most in need, even though she herself had a very modest life. I want to continue the tradition to give completely to others in need. Grandma Miles would say, “With God, everything is possible.”  I knew in my heart, because of my Grandma Miles, I would be able to make a positive difference because of her positive influence.

 ~Kristina Deignan, Director of Individual Giving


Click HERE to learn more about our Intellectual Disabilities Services

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