Wednesday’s Word: Respect

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Reflections on our Core Values


It is no accident that one of our core values is Respect.

 The Bible speaks of respect in both the Old and New Testament, and was a key tenet of Maud and Ballington Booth‘s work. 1 Peter 2:9 says, “Show proper respect to everyone”.  Subsequent verses go on to explain that this respect should be given even to those who have treated us unjustly.  How hard it is to treat others with respect when we feel we have been wronged!

When I hear the words “I feel disrespected” from someone who has taken offense at a sharp tone of voice from another person, I often wonder how many of our program participants have suffered far greater forms of degrading and disrespectful behavior which they have silently endured.  A culture of respect stems from the belief that respect should be given freely and with a kind heart (Proverbs 11:16). Although as humans we fall short of this mark on occasion, how fortunate we are to work for an organization that holds this ideal in the highest regard.

Employees, volunteers, board members, and the individuals we serve turn this concept into reality on a daily basis. All of us have gifts to contribute, and those gifts are respected and valued. As we strive to show respect to ALL people we encounter, we ask that God guide us on our path during this holiday season, and throughout the year.

                                                                         Rev. Kay Halverson

                                                                        Executive Director and Minister of Service

Mary Marshall Assisted Living Residence

Commissioned Minister since 2009

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