Monday’s Motivation from: Mary Marshall


Good morning Bloggers and Welcome to the 5 Weeks of Giving! This year we’ll be sharing daily updates from around our Programs and Service lines kicking off with the first of 5 Monday Motivation Reflections. 

Here at Volunteers of America we are each motivated to answer the Call to Care in many different ways. We’d like to share with you some motivational reflections from our staff that will hopefully kick start your work week and let you know a little bit more about who we are … Enjoy!

My name is Donna Barksdale,

I work in the Social Service Department for Volunteers of America, at the Mary Marshall Assisted Living Program in Arlington, VA. I am guided by Volunteers of America core of values to Care, Respect have Faith and provide Quality Care and Trust and I am motivated to answer the Call to Care, because being a caregiver is not only a rewarding career, but an emotionally fulfilling one as well.

The ability to help people is one of the biggest motivators of my life.  One resident in particular comes to mind as I write, Ms. Alice Kidwell.  Ms. Alice motivates me the most because she suffers from Dementia, which is a huge challenge in itself.  Not only is it a challenge to me as a caregiver, but that challenge is even harder for her. This wonderful woman wants to give up every day; she feels lost day to day and sometimes feels there is no hope.

To me she is more than a resident and to her I am more than a caregiver; I am her friend and companion. I give her hope to move forward and she may not know it, but she does the same to me. Ms. Alice is like family to me. Everyday my husband asks me about my day and I always smile, think about Mrs. Alice and say I’ve had a wonderful day.

We even share special moments when I show her pictures of my family. Over time working with her, we have had our ups and downs, but the laughs and smiles overcome everything. Ms. Alice is just one of the residents that I care for and they all have a special place in my heart.

I spend a lot of time at Mary Marshall so residents and employees are an extended part of my Family. We share holidays and birthdays together. Mary Marshall will always have a special place in my heart.

Donna J Barksdale


Donna Barksdale

Click Here to learn more about the Volunteers of America Mary Marshall Assisted Living Community

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