Its Play Time!!


Welcome to the new school year!

Did you know that August 15th was national back to school day?? To help celebrate we, in collaboration with the Baltimore Convention Center and Sparks at Play! rebuilt the playground at Pratt Street Transitional Housing.  Over 50 volunteers came and built a 2 story playground wonderland that over 100 formally homeless children will get to play on for the first time in over 3 years!!  We also were able to give a backpack to EVERY child just in time for their first day of school…Thanks to you!

pratt playground


We have only 2 weeks left until Operation Backpack is over.  So you still have plenty of time to help children receive 365day learning!  For more pictures on our Pratt Build day you can visit our Facebook.  For more information on Operation Backpack you can visit our website to see how you can be Called to Care™


Have a great first day of school!!

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