Wednesday’s Wish!

Good morning Bloggers!

When you reminisce about being a kid, in school what was your favorite part of the day!?  I can bet your gonna say one of two things; recess and art!  I know I couldn’t wait to open up my box of crayons and draw a picture that I could show my parents to showcase at my home museum (aka “the fridge”). 

Guess how many kids don’t have that opportunity because of the lack of supplies they have?

Drum-roll please……..Here is this week’s Wednesdays’ Wish:



Our Amazon Wish List contains supplies children need to be the most successful in their learning. When you purchase items from our Amazon Wish List you answer the Call to Care™ for hundreds of homeless and low income children throughout our area. Your purchases will be sent directly to Volunteers of America Chesapeake and one of our 7 program sites serving homeless and low-income children. Buy a pack today via our Amazon Wish List and help foster a child’s creativity and wonder with color. Be Called to Care

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