One Cause!

Good morning Bloggers!  HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

As we celebrate this Independence day, we do A LOT of shopping. (I know I do). Especially online.  Did you know that when shopping online you can donate WITHOUT having to give more money?? You read that right.  you can donate WITHOUT having to give more money. 

Welcome to One Cause.

OneCause empowers consumers who care about doing good to improve their world by making their everyday purchases make a difference – every day.

OneCause funds a consumer’s chosen cause or school by channeling their everyday purchases to well-known merchants and service providers, who contribute a percentage of every purchase back to the cause or school.

When you shop through One Cause a portion of your purchase will support Volunteers of America Chesapeake

Did you know that Target is a One Cause supporter?? Every time you shop online, .8 % of your purchase goes to support Volunteers of America Chesapeake.


Target logo

So Click, Shop, Support! It’s never been easier to answer the Call to CARE™

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