“I’ll match your donations dollar for dollar.”

An Interview with John Potvin, President of Equity Management

John Potvin, President of Equity Management issued a challenge to his business partners – help me raise $10,000 for the playground at VOAC’s Pratt House. I’ll match your donations dollar for dollar. 

VOAC: Mr. Potvin what motivated you to issue this challenge to your business partners?

Mr. Potvin: Equity manages the Pratt Street Transitional Housing program and when I heard you all were having trouble meeting the financial match that was my call to action. I saw the old playground and I know these children need a place to play and they haven’t had anyplace in a long time.

VOAC: How did you decide who you would connect with to fulfill this mission?

Mr. Potvin:  I was selective in who I reached out to. I targeted my contractors who like to help and companies that I knew had the capacity to give large sums to make an impact.

VOAC: How are the donations going so far?

Mr. Potvin: We raised $5,000 in the first 24 hours! I wanted to guarantee at least $10,000 but it looks like we’ll surpass that.

VOAC: We’re flattered that you chose our cause to support. Does Equity routinely answer the Call to Care in other ways?

Mr. Potvin: Each year my firm selects 3-4 charities and donates around $20,000 each year. It’s been a long time since the children at Pratt House had a playground and we’re excited to take up this cause and help make the dream playground a reality.

Are YOU Called to Care™? Donate online today!


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