A Challenge from John Potvin, President of Equity Management

John Potvin, President of Equity Management
has issued a challenge to local businesses…

“I will match your donation, dollar for dollar.”

Volunteers of America Chesapeake’s Pratt House is a Transitional Housing Program in Baltimore where 35 formerly homeless families including nearly 100 children live. As part of their mission to care for these families, VOA  Chesapeake undertook the task of renovating the existing playground to provide their residents with a new, safe and structured place to learn and grow.

The project was kick-off with a $15,000 grant from KaBoom! but VOA Chesapeake still needs funds to make the dream playground a reality. Equity Management wants to get this important job completed, and has committed to raise $10,000 with our business partners and associates. With your help, we can make up the difference to get this playground built.

Your contribution is tax deductible, and will help us bring happiness to the children who call Pratt House their home.  You will be updated on the progress of the playground build and invited to the celebration to open the playground so you can see the impact of your donation.

 I am asking for your help. Can I count on you for a substantial donation?
I will then match your donation dollar-for-dollar.

Send me your check made payable to “Volunteers of America Chesapeake” or go to the web site and donate at www.voachesapeake.org.

I am asking you to donate $500 to this worthy cause by April 30, 2013.




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