Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Volunteers of America!


117 years ago today our national organization was founded by social reformers Maude and Ballington Booth.

Ballington, son of Salvation Army founder William Booth, moved to the America’s from England in the early 1800’s. His mission was to establish the Salvation Army in the New World. After working hard to establish a presence here Ballington realized that there were other ways he and his wife Maude wanted to serve the greater good.

His passion for social reform led him to create Volunteers of America in 1896. Our original name was God’s Volunteers in America, a title that showcased our faith-based heritage and our mission to serve God through human service. Over the years, Volunteers of America has grown to a national human services organization with 38 affiliates in 400 communities serving more than 2 million people.

Our affiliate, Volunteers of America Chesapeake, carries on the mission of Maude and Ballington by serving millions of individuals from Baltimore, MD to Virginia Beach, VA. You can help us continue answering the Call to Care™ throughout the Mid Atlantic region by donating today.


To learn more about our founders our our programs in your neighborhood please visit our websites:

Volunteers of America National

Volunteers of America Chesapeake 

VOA with Kids

An early photo of Volunteers of America’s Children’s services


Our founder Ballington Booth

Maud Painting

Our Founder Maude Booth

Building 2

An early Volunteers of America Homeless Shelter

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