Fun Friday!

Let’s have a Closet Party! 


When is the last time you took a hard look at your closet? I know I have a habit of grabbing things because they’re on sale or they look good in theory but not so much in practice. I have bags upon bags, earrings, scarves, belts and a host of other accessories that I don’t wear anymore. This makes for a pretty unruly closet. One way to clear our your wardrobe and make a difference is to host a Closet Party! Recently, the ladies and I got together with all our clothing and accessories that we never wear. You wouldn’t believe how many items still had the tags on them!

After a few hours of swapping, laughs and music we were left with a mountain of  wonderful clothes that no longer had a home. Once we were sure we were ready to part with these items, we took them over to our Eastern Avenue Supportive Housing Program and hosted a Closet Party with some of the ladies there! Each resident went into their closets as well and found a wealth of treasures to share with their neighbors. Add in a few more laughs and some good food and not only did we make a difference, but we had a great time doing it!




Hosting a Closet Party is an easy way to have fun and engage your friends in making a difference. Next time you’re looking for an outfit to wear to work take note of things in your closet that you’ve never worn, that sweater you got as a Christmas gift may not be your style but you never know who it might look fabulous on! If you’re interested in hosting a closet party email Communications Specialist Danielle Milner ( for tips on how to get started!


Click Here learn more about our Supportive Housing Programs

Text VOAC to 80077 to join our mobile community and find out more about events like this!

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