Motivation Monday!

Hey Bloggers!

We’ve reached Third Week of Giving! So far we’re inching closer to our goal of $100k, we’re just over 20% there. If you’d like to help, text CARE to 80077 and respond with YES to donate $10.

Your donations will go directly to supporting the over 11,000 men, women and children we serve each year. Stick around to learn more about our individual programs and clients here, on facebook, twitter and of course our website: 


In the meantime, let’s get this week started off right! Our Motivation Monday quote this week comes from Giselle:


The recent events of our society have led us to own our destiny.  From the fall of our economy to the re-election of the first mixed race president, people are more inspired in the idea that we can control our future.  A short while ago, maybe not so short but whatever, I was going through my quarter life crisis.  I was disappointed at all of the things that I had on my life list and had not achieved yet.  My focus was on all of the negative in my life forcing me to forget about all of the abundant blessings that Lord had given me, i.e. life and a loving supportive family.  My mother said to me one day “You know G, thoughts become things.  You have to believe that the things you want will happen and in time everything will work out.”  The premise behind all of this is the law of attraction or like attracts like.  By focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.  Originally I began speaking broadly about things I wanted.  It wasn’t uncommon to hear me say “I’m going to be a millionaire.  Thoughts become things!”  As I continued to mature my positivity became more focused.  I began to think about what things I wanted out of life, the kind of job, relationships and even lessons to be learned.  My focus was not only positive but also productive.  I can honestly say that slowly but surely all of things I believed I deserved have come through for me.  Let’s not be mistaken, there are less than desirable things that happen in my life but my attitude about how I deal with things makes a world of difference.  I truly believe that there is a lesson to be learned from every situation and even though I may be sad, my thinking guides me to the positive side of every situation.

The next time you feel yourself getting upset, stop and say “thoughts become things,” “are the thoughts I’m having right now things I want in my life?”  It’s not an easy task, but the fruits of your efforts will make you a believer.

Have a Blessed Day!!

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