How do YOU Chesapeake?

Last Spring we met a beautiful little girl named  Cora Niles from Virginia Beach, VA. In lieu of having a 5th Birthday party, Cora asked her family and friends to make donations to The Lighthouse Center, our homeless services day center in Virginia Beach. The outpouring was overwhelming! Cora collected more than 1,000 items including laundry detergent, hygeine products, socks and blankets.

To thank her, Lighthouse Center Program Director Debbie Maloney threw her a mini birthday party and gave her (among other trinkets) a Chesapeake mug full of candy.

Cora took that mug home and a week later we got this email and photo from her mom:


Cora LOVES her mug! She drinks from it every morning! 



That got us thinking…How do YOU Chesapeake? We gathered up some mugs and went around our programs asking staff and volunteers how THEY Chesapeake. The responses were great, from “Black Coffee on Monday Mornings” to “Oatmeal to get past the 3pm crash” Check out our Facebook page to see how We Chesapeake!

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