The First Day of Advent: Kindle the Light Within

Today is the first day of Advent, a season observed by man Western Christians as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas, usually near November 30 and ends on Christmas Eve.

The Wreath is a symbol of Advent, its circular shape reminds us of God’s perfection and eternity. The wreath itself is an evergreen which is another symbol of eternity but also life. The sharp points of the leaves of the Holly remind us of Christ’s crown of thorns. The red berries remind us of his blood.

5 candles are also part of the Advent wreath. 3 purple candles represent HOPE, LOVE and PEACE. A pink candle symbolizes JOY and the large center candle is called the Christ Candle. Each week one candle is lit and the Christ Candle is lit on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


Today at Volunteers of America Chesapeake we celebrated the first day of Advent at our monthly worship service. We were blessed to hear the word of the Lord from Rev. Damien E. Johnson, Pastor of the Seabrook Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lanham, MD. 

A video of the service will be uploaded to our website soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these snapshots from a truly moving service:


DSC_0543  Hands in prayer at the beginning of our worship service.


DSC_0534  Our Advent wreath upon the altar.


DSC_0533  Pastor Johnson delivering the Homily: Kindle the Light Within.


DSC_0526  We were truly blessed to receive the word of the Lord through Pastor Johnson today.


DSC_0506  Staff, Volunteers and Clients gather each month to enjoy our worship services. You can also view past Worship Services online HERE.


DSC_0513  Our Chaplain Rev. Sandra Gray joined in our hymn of praise.

If you’re ever in need of guidance or prayer you can reach our Chaplain directly at you can also access our prayer line at: 301-459-2020 Option #8


DSC_0539  Our President & CEO Russ Snyder presents Pastor Johnson with a Palm Cross as a token of our gratitude for his message this afternoon.


Check out more photos from this and other worship services on our FACEBOOK page.

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