Faith makes things possible, not easy.

I chose that quote for Motivation Monday because there is so much meaning in that sentence. When I’m going through a time of crisis or stress everyone around me always says “Just have faith.” To be quite honest that’s easier said than done. It is the human nature in all of us to worry over what we can’t control so when someone says “just have faith” what is a human being to do?

For a long (looooooong) time I couldn’t seem to turn off that human nature. I would lay awake in bed trying to think through my obstacles. Exams, student loans, rent, groceries, family, relationships, work, car … the list just kept going and going, and growing and growing!

But here I am. I got through all of those things. Each time it looked bleak I would pray and pray myself to sleep and wake up the next morning ready to try Plan B…then Plan C…you get the idea.

Sometimes it would take several plans before things worked out, sometimes I would feel like they hadn’t even “worked out” at least not to the extent that I wanted…and then I found this quote. It was hanging on the door in our office. It had been there for months, and I just never paid attention until we were moving some furniture and I saw it.

Faith makes things possible, not easy.

How profoundly true. I believe that the Lord will never give me more than I can handle. I believe each obstacle in my way is put there to teach me something – quite often I think the Lord is trying to teach me patience! – but with each successful completion (successful in the sense that I’m still here, 10 fingers and 10 toes writing this testimonial to you) I realize how difficult it was. How stressful, how many days I wanted to just curl up and be somewhere else, even be somebody else. It wasn’t easy. It won’t be easy going forward…but it is possible.

I hope this quote touches your heart as it did mine. Please share it with someone who is going through a trial today. Remind them to stay strong in their faith for though it might be difficult, that doesn’t make it impossible.

Have a safe and blessed Monday!


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