If you build it, they will … PLAY!

Our Pratt Street Transitional Housing Program is located in the Mount Claire neighborhood of Baltimore city and home to over 100 children, most of them of Elementary School age.

Because of its urban location, the former Baltimore City school offers limited play space for these children. Its important for children to have a safe place where they can just be children. To that end we’ve partnered with Jason Murphy of the Baltimore Ravens (special thanks to X-Propp Sports for putting us in contact!) and Donald Kann, Principal Architect at Kann Partners an architectual firm in Baltimore.

Together with over 200 volunteers we’re going to build a playground! 

We gathered the children on October 10, 2012 to put imagination to paper and design their dream playground. Donald Kaan and Jason Murphy were on hand to provide advice and consultation. The children even elected one of their own to represent them in negotiations with the architect.

Interested in getting involved in our Playground renovation?



Check out more pictures from our event on Facebook at:


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