What is self-reliance?

The 4 of us share an office at Volunteers of America Chesapeake, one of the most comprehensive human service organizations in the mid-Atlantic. Here, we are Called to Care for over 11,000 men, women and children in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.  The mission of Volunteers of America Chesapeake is to inspire self-reliance, dignity and hope through health and human service.

Our job is to make that mission real.

As a 501(c)(3) certified charity we provide supportive services to our clients and residents, but how do you really “inspire” a thing like self-reliance? That’s the question that came up at lunch one afternoon and thus this blog was born.

So here we are…

I’m Danielle. I’m the Communications Specialist here at Volunteers of America Chesapeake. I’m not quite sure what a “specialist” is but I’m a self-published author so I guess that gives me some insight…right? I’m originally from East Hartford Connecticut, and a graduate of Temple University.

I share an office with Keyonia, Tamyra and Giselle. Together, the 4 of us are the Dev. Comm Divas. (Dev. Comm stands for Development & Communications in case you were wondering)

Keyonia is the baby of our group. She’s somewhere between a hard junior and a soft senior at Towson University. Here at VOAC she is our Donor Research Specialist (see, there’s that word again) I’ll let her tell you more about what she does.

Then there’s Tamyra. She’s the most senior member of our team since she’s been with the organization the longest. Tamyra is our Development Coordinator which means she does a little bit of everything but her focus is our website and our donor databases.

Giselle is the newest member of  our team, she’s a certified grant writer who came to VOAC after meeting our Vice President of Development at a Charity Fair.

So here we are, 4 very different but very dedicated ladies who are on a mission to change the world.



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